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Great Excel Tool For Woodworkers wanting to create and optimise your cutting lists. 


This tool will allow you to enter all of your required cut lengths and it will then optimise all of your cuts to get the most usage from your stock lengths of timber. 


Designed to save you money and reduce waste.


You enter the quantity and length of each cut, the section size from a user library, the kerf width of your blade and the tool will compare up to six stock lengths at a time and let you know the optimal lengths to use. It will allow you to print out the cut length charts for reference when you are about to make your cuts. It also has a built in user database of stock lengths and sections and will calculate the cost of the cut list.


This tool can be used in metric (mm) or Imperial (Inches).


A great way to take all of the hard work out of deciding on the best cuts to make to get the most out of your wood. Will save you lots of money. 


Could also be used for any liner product such as timber, metal, pipework and bar etc.


Instant excel file download at checkout.

Microsoft Excel Cut List Optimiser Tool V2a for Woodworkers (Excel Download)

  • Microsoft Excel File (Zipped)

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